Jung Il Woo And Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Go Undercover At His Own Company As Cleaners In “Good Job”

Will Jung Il Woo and Girls’ Generation’s Yuri manage to go undetected on the next episode of “Good Job”?

“Good Job” is a new ENA mystery romance drama starring Jung Il Woo as Eun Sun Woo, a chaebol heir who leads a double life as a detective, and Yuri as Don Se Ra, a woman with superhuman vision.


In newly released stills from the drama’s upcoming episode, Eun Sun Woo and Don Se Ra go undercover as cleaners at Eunkang Group in order to find information about the employee who wrote the post exposing Kang Tae Joon.

As Eun Sun Woo is the chairman of the company and Don Se Ra is currently working there as Kang Tae Joon’s assistant, it is more vital than ever that their disguises completely conceal their identities.

In an attempt to evade notice, Eun Sun Woo sports a fake mustache and wears a hat pulled low, keeping his face as hidden as possible. Meanwhile, Don Se Ra tries to avoid attracting unwanted attention by making a flawless transformation into a cleaner: she even goes so far as to actually clean the office as they go about their undercover mission.

To find out if Eun Sun Woo and Don Se Ra will succeed in remaining undercover, tune in to the next episode of “Good Job” on September 14 at 9 p.m. KST!

In the meantime, catch up on previous episodes of the drama with subtitles below:

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