Jung Chaeyeon And Yeonwoo Discuss Keywords To Describe New Fantasy Drama “The Golden Spoon”

The female leads of “The Golden Spoon” have picked key points to describe the drama!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “The Golden Spoon”” is about a student born into a poor family who uses a magical golden spoon to swap fates with a friend born into a wealthy family. BTOB’s Yook Sungjae will be starring as Lee Seung Chun, the student who hopes to turn his life around with the titular golden spoon. Lee Jong Won plays Hwang Tae Yong, Lee Seung Chun’s privileged friend who lives the life he covets.

In the drama, Jung Chaeyeon and Yeonwoo will portray two very different chaebol heiresses. Jung Chaeyeon will be starring as Na Joo Hee who has a heart of gold and dreams of an ordinary life. On the other hand, Yeonwoo takes on the role of Oh Yeo Jin, who is also from a rich family but has never-ending greed to climb high in life.

Jung Chaeyeon chose “mindset” to describe “The Golden Spoon” and explained, “I think the direction of life changes depending on your mindset.”

Yeonwoo picked the keyword “viewer” and shared, “The existence of people who love dramas is the happiness and joy of everyone, so I think ‘The Golden Spoon’ are the viewers who love us.”

The two actresses also mentioned the atmosphere on the drama set. Jung Chaeyeon commented, “Everyone is so bright and cheerful that I am smiling and filming happily on the set. I want to tell them I’m always grateful that they treat me comfortably and kindly.”

Yeonwoo remarked, “Thanks to the fact that there are many actors who are of similar age on the set, we are filming in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. We relax while playing pranks on each other. I also have fun joking around with Kim Kang Min, No Sung Eun, Lee Min Jae, Jo Deok Hoe, and Kim Eun Su during break and filming with them.”

MBC’s “The Golden Spoon” premieres on September 23 at 9:50 p.m. KST and you can check out a teaser here!

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