Watch: Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, Kang Hoon, And More Share Laughs, Support, And Goodbyes In Final “Little Women” Making Video

“Little Women” has shared an exciting behind-the-scenes video from their final shoots!

tvN’s “Little Women” is a drama starring Kim Go EunNam Ji Hyun, and Park Ji Hu as three sisters with a close bond who grew up in poverty. When all three of them become entangled with one of the nation’s wealthiest families, they are catapulted into a new world of money and power that is unlike anything they’ve known before. The drama aired its finale on October 9 to its highest viewership ratings.

The first few clips feature great acting performances from Uhm Ji Won as the cruel Won Sang Ah. Later, actor Jang Kwang films his last scene and shares his excitement for the drama to air.

In another scene, Kim Go Eun is released from prison and greeted by Nam Ji Hyun and Kang Hoon who hold out a huge plate of tofu, which in Korea, represents turning over a new leaf. Despite the serious and bittersweet tone of the scene, Kim Go Eun makes her co-stars crack up at her random antics while she eats.

Both Kang Hoon and Wi Ha Joon show off their mesmerizing talent as they rehearse their intense action scenes. As soon as the dramatic scenes end, the actors return to their bright selves and make sure to diligently monitor their work. After, Kang Hoon practices retrieving an unconscious Nam Ji Hyun from the car. As he drags her out, Nam Ji Hyun comments with a giggle, “Hey, take care of me well!”

The next clip highlights Nam Ji Hyun and Kang Hoon’s long-awaited kiss scene. They practice their exact movements and the director jokes to Nam Ji Hyun, “You’ve filmed a ton of these!” Nam Ji Hyun shyly responds, “Huh! I’ve forgotten [how].” Thanks to all their preparation, the pair are able to film the scene well, despite the adorably awkward tension.

After his final filming, Kang Hoon comments, “I feel regretful as this is a project I really adored. As so many people worked hard, I believe this has come out as a great project. We were able to finish well without any staff or actors getting hurt so I think it’s a relief.”

Right after, Park Ji Hu wraps up her last scene with Wi Ha Joon and Jeon Chae Eun. Wi Ha Joon is asked whether he thinks viewers will have felt his mysterious sexiness and he replies while laughing, “That’s not something I’m able to feel myself so…I have a hope that everyone felt that way.”

Park Ji Hu shares, “While filming for six months, I learned a lot from my many seniors as well as our great director, writer, and staff members.” She adds, “This is my first filming and first set of my twenties and I don’t think I’ll be able to forget it.” Jeon Chae Eun continues, “I feel so good as I was able to create a lot of good memories [on set].”

Ahead of a tense and important scene between Kim Go Eun, Uhm Ji Won, and Chu Ja Hyun, all three actresses are full of energy. Chu Ja Hyun recalls a past experience on a different set where her mouth was duct taped. After it was ripped off, her mouth area was red for an entire week, shocking her listeners. While checking her grenade prop, Kim Go Eun hilariously pretends she’s a beauty YouTuber as she shows it off like an ad and jokes, “Ladybug. A grenade for ladies.”

Following the dramatic court room scene featuring many of the main actors, the cast and crew congratulate Wi Ha Joon on his last filming. In his closing interview, Wi Ha Joon shares, “I think the greatest thing [I feel] is regret. There was a lot I learned while getting to film this high-quality project. I don’t want to send off the character of Choi Do Il so instead of feeling refreshed, I mostly feel regretful because I don’t want to part ways.”

With another court room scene as the drama’s very last filming, the cast and crew busily cheer for each other in celebration of their hard work. Park Ji Hu also returns to set to congratulate her co-stars and Kim Go Eun happily comments, “We raised our youngest well.”

Uhm Ji Won shares, “I still feel calm and it feels like I have to film something but it’s really over. I do feel a bit strange. I was happy while being with ‘Little Women’ for six months and this was a set where I was able to what I wanted to my heart’s content in the best possible environment.”

Uhm Ki Joon comments, “In the middle of filming, there were a lot of different happenings. Due to COVID-19, we had to quarantine, weren’t able to film, and had to rest. Due to these situations, I think filming went on longer but we filmed very diligently and I think a fun project will come out of this.”

Nam Ji Hyun adds, “The weather got hot and we’re ending now that it’s become a bit cooler again, so I feel a little strange and I still can’t believe it.” Kim Go Eun continues, “I cried a lot, my voice has gone a bit hoarse, and I feel a bit drained but now that such a great project is ending, I feel very regretful. On set, the synergy [between the cast and crew] was great so this was a set that didn’t make filming feel long.”

Catch the full behind-the-scenes video below!

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