"K-Pop Star" Kim Na Yoon Fell into Depression Due to Negative Comments

On the episode of “Strong Heart” that aired on May 15, “K-Pop Star” contestant Kim Na Yoon guest starred and shared her struggles over netizen’s negative comments.

Kim Na Yoon expressed, “I almost wanted to give up while participating in this competition. In the beginning of the audition, I was called the ‘Girl Genius” and received a lot of attention. But as time went by, I didn’t show my skills enough so I received a lot of negative comments.”

She continued, “As soon as clips of me crying were aired several times, netizens called me a crybaby and sad bad things about me. I even fell into depression over some of the really bad comments.”

However, she bravely smiled and finished with, “But I think I was able to mature a bit more through ‘K-Pop Star.’ Even if I don’t receive a call from an agency this time, I will keep trying in the future.”

Kim Na Yoon also made headlines for her photos in a club.