Lee Chae Young Apologizes for Her Degrading Comments Regarding Overweight Woman

Actress Lee Chae Young is currently under fire for her degrading comment about an overweight woman she met. On June 16, she tweeted, “Ahh. I was tired, so I went to Denny’s where I didn’t have to drive~ I was waiting in line when…I saw a pink shadow of doom…My cell phone is a Galaxy Note, and she looks a lot skinnier in the picture…Really…Should I just leave instead of eating here?” She also attached a photo she had secretly taken of the woman. She followed the post with another tweet, writing, “I want to lose 10kg once I get to Seoul. Thank you for the motivation.” The posts outraged many netizens, and the topic became one of the hottest trending topics this past weekend.

The tweets attracted tremendous negative attention, which led the actress to remove the posts within a couple of hours. She also apologized, writing, “I’m sorry…I believe I disappointed everyone with my thoughtless remark, and my heart is heavy. I will take some time to reflect on my actions. I’m really sorry.”

Netizens commented, “How rude and disrespectful,” “The comments were bad enough, but the pictures? What was she thinking taking pictures of someone else without their knowledge,” “I hope the women in the picture never finds out about this incident. It’ll really hurt her,” “Shame on you,” “Think before you tweet,” and more.