K-Pop’s Best Celebrity Twitter/Me2Day Photos in June – What Was Your Favorite?

June was another busy month in the K-Pop Twittersphere, with your favorite stars sharing beautiful selcas, thank you messages, and just plain hilarious photos!

Park Min Young and Park Yoo Chun updated fans with their latest photos, while SISTAR and 2NE1 thanked fans for their group anniversaries. Jung Yong Hwa and Junho were busy showing off their ripped bodies, and Kwak Hyun Hwa tried to make a statement through one of the funniest selca photos in recent memory!

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“Good night, Beijing!” – Park Min Young shows off her porcelain skin through a new selca!

“I got back from having a birthday party with my fans. Really amazing……… I will upload a proof shot as soon as I get home from practice. Thank you so much everyone who wished me a happy birthday!” – T-ara Hyomin’s proof shot of her birthday gifts!

“I met her today. Voila! Revealed! We took shots.”- Kim Soo Ro shares a picture taken with Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung!

“Secret is currently in Japan for the promotion of ‘Twinkle.’ Here’s a cute picture, since I miss Secret Time. And the other picture is a caricature drawing of me by Zinger? This is too much, Zinger.” – Secret’s Hyosung, sharing her caricature drawn by Zinger!

“I was bored, so I got a haircut. I restrained myself from shaving it all off. Feeling better. Was feeling a little down.” – JYJ’s Yoochun explains why he’s got a new haircut!

“It is a happy day because STAR1 is with us. Thank you so much!!” – SISTAR’s Hyorin thanks fans for their 2 year anniversary!

“You need to fatten up a bit…you look so much better, my Ji Eun” – T-ara’s Jiyeon plays with photo shop. In response, IU tweeted, ” “Jiyeon picking IU’s nose in Japan.”

“Everyone~ I am working out hard after the fan meeting! You guys can see my picture this week for the first time in a while! My heart races. Keke everyone, please cheer for Juniel too. Fighting! See you soon!” – CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa pumping it at the gym!

“AKB48’s Ohta Aika chan and Miyazaki Miho chan came to visit us after recording a Japanese program, so we took a photo together. My cute friends, it was nice to meet you and I hope we get to see each other often~” – Secret’s Hyosung shares a group shot with AKB48 in Japan!

“Morning strawberry. Have a beautiful day.” – After School’s Kahi feeling sexy today!

“Finally, a selca with Junsu!” – JYJ’s Junsu and his twin brother Juno snap a selca shot together!

“Do you want to have a drink with me?” – Secret’s Zinger has a face smaller than a beverage can!

“I was excited during my university’s festival in May of 2008, and had makeup on by myself. Now that I look back, it was slightly tacky. I insisted on going on stage.” – 4minute’s Nam Ji Hyun shares her old college photo!

“I kept my promise?! Kamilia! Love you.” – Kara’s Goo Hara shares “Sad Face” photos!

“Yesterday, I was like this for three hours at Kristalbelli and today, I will try for four hours! Does DJ JYP suit me?” – Park Jin Young (JYP) transforms into a DJ!

“A selca photo gift for you guys before I sleep. You can say it’s a commemoration for being able to perform in Japan? I am doing very well.” – Secret’s Hyosung once again proves her “Bagel-girl” status!

“There are so many idols at ‘M! Countdown.‘ I got to say greetings to them. We, Hyung Don and Dae Jun, also wore headset microphone for an amazing performance just like our senior idols do.” – Defconn and Jung Hyung Don showing their respects to Infinite!

“Hyung Don hyung, are you seeing this? A Japanese broadcast station staff! So surprising! Doesn’t he look like you?” – G-Dragon and Taeyang finds the Japanese version of Jung Hyung Don!

“I did my best, and I stuck to the diet tips. I’m finished with my diet, welcome summer!” – 2AM’s Changmin again shows off his ripped abs!

“Sob sob” – JYJ’s Jaejoong tweets a series of photos from the set of his upcoming movie!

“Thank U” – 2NE1’s Minzy celebrates the group’s 3rd year anniversary with a special photo!

“Hello? I am Kwak Hyun Hwa. What is wrong with this picture? How do you eat bananas, how can I eat the banana in a way that does not seem dirty. Whenever I eat food my eyes become like that. Also, when you eat don’t you use your teeth or tongue? I am curious so please tell me.” – Kwak Hyun Hwa responds to negative netizen comments with a rather provocative photo of herself!

“Two aliens who eat Korean fast food” – T-ara’s Hyomin eating dduk bokki and soondae with her group mate Jiyeon!

“Listen, Lee Gak. Where is Park Yoochun?” – Jaejoong in his Joseon Era outfit from “Dr.Jin” and threatening a paper panel of Yoochun as Lee Gak from “Rooftop Prince” with his sword!

“I’m told that today is Kiss Day. I shyly tried to stick out my lips.” – IU celebrates Kiss Day with her fans!

“On our way back from the Tong Yong concert, we spent Ryeowook’s birthday at the rest stop. f(x) dongsengs, thank you so much” – Super Junior’s Shindong shares a proof shot of Ryeowook’s surprise birthday part!

“Since I’m not doing much these days, I’m throwing you a picture. A photo taken during the concert… Good night everyone” – 2PM’s Junho joins the long list of celebrities to share a topless photo on Twitter!

“Ah, it sucks. I even dressed up to go to school T.T. Was it because of my hair? Keke” – 2PM’s Taecyeon on not being able to take the final exam!

“Taken last year on Mino’s Day (his fan club). Time really does fly.” – Lee Min Ho updates fans with his selca shot!

“Today, I am going on a trip riding the KTX with the baby girls, my baby, 4minute! You are curious about where we are going, right? It’s been a long time since we’ve been together like this.” – G.NA and 4minute riding the KTX train for a trip together!

“Celebrating the ‘Love Style‘ comeback! Revealing these proof shots of having higher power” – Boyfriend shares some optical illusion shots!

“People told me that I don’t look good with this hair color, so I’m going to change it back!!! Good bye Baskin Robbins TT” – T-ara’s Hyomin shares a picture of her latest hairstyle!

“In Hong Kong!” – Wonder Girls’ Hye Lim takes a picture with f(x)’s Amber and CNBlue’s Yonghwa at KBS “Music Bank” Hong Kong special!

“Met my ideal dream girl’s face on the street and took a picture. But great conversation is much more important for me =)” – Picture of Park Jin Young’s ideal type of woman!

“I got a Kakao last night! Seohyun: ‘What are you doing tomorrow?’ Me: ‘What’s up?’ Seohyun: ‘I’m having a birthday party with my close friends!’ Me: ‘So why are you inviting me…’ Anyhow, I went tonight to celebrate her birthday. Unlike my expectations, I was the first one to be at this party.” – Eunhyuk and Seohyun looking awkward together!

“I safely completed it well and returned. Mother Nature’s lovely Madagascar. Inside though, truly loving children are hurt and suffering everyday because of hunger. I pray that blessing and helping hands will overflow from that place.” – Yoon Eun Hye came back from volunteering in Madagascar!

“I changed my profile pic!” – miss A’s Suzy updates fans with another beautiful selca!

“Wow, I passed out like this for 8 hours on the couch and did not wake up once… It’s so hard to make a living.” – Jang Geun Suk working hard to “make a living”!

“Ahh…Daebak haha” – Lee Jong Hyuk finds his doppelganger!

“Ah well, well…No one went to the basement. Quietly exits” – 2PM’s Wooyoung gets ignored by the rest of the members!

“Today, party with just you and me~ PARIS!” – G-Dragon in Paris with his new pink hairdo!

“We invite all of you to 2NE1′s New Evolution Concert! This concert will be nothing like the last concert. It will have a different sensation. Would you be the best audiences?” – 2NE1’s Dara gets ready for the “New Evolution” concert!

“Ho ho ho. I am Miss Niel. (I dressed up like a woman.) It is very awkward. However, please look at me beautifully.” – Teen Top’s Niel becomes Miss Niel!

“Everyone~ Please show a lot of love for f(x)’s ‘Electric Shock‘~ And please watch our ‘M!Countdown’ performance~” – f(x)’s Victoria shows off her big round eyes!

“I too… wanted to take a bed Selca for once.” – Rainbow’s Jaekyung finally gives in and takes a bed selca. Give us more Jaekyung!

“The horse mask of f(x)’s reinforcement Kim Key. I completely understood their album concept. Hahahahaha.” – SHINee’s Key showing support for f(x) by wearing the infamous horse mask!

“Polaroid with Yenny“ – Wonder Girls’ Hye Lim looks strikingly similar to 2NE1’s Dara in this selca shot!

“I’m revealing the secret behind my white hair! The unimaginable, yet very special tool is…a toothbrush! As long as I have a toothbrush, I’m able to make my transformation!” – C.A.P reveals the secret behind his white hair!

“I guess I don’t like pink that much.” – 2NE1’s Dara loves the color pink!

“Today’s the first broadcast of drama ‘Big!’ I hope a lot of you watch it!”- Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo showing their close relationship!

Which twitter/me2day photo was your favorite from last month? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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