10 Korean Actors Who Released K-Pop Songs in the Past

Ha Ji Won dropped a digital single last week, which came as a surprise to many. But after some digging, we realize that she’s no stranger to the K-Pop scene- she previously released an album eleven years ago in 2003. She even performed on “Inkigayo” with track “Home Run,” which can be seen here.

We were already familiar with a few other actors who dropped albums in recent years, but wanted to dig a little and see if we can discover some more gems. Did we strike gold? Perhaps. This is not an exhaustive list. Share with us your thoughts on these actors and if they should continue a side career in singing. If singers can have acting careers, why can’t actors have singing careers?

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Photo credit to Jessie Nuez

Jang Hyuk

Born: December 20, 1976

Song: Hey Girl (July 2000)

The song features Jun Ji Hyun, who is currently enjoying another career high after completing the highly popular drama “Man from the Stars.” Jang Hyuk released a 16-track album in 2000 under the name TJ Project.

So Ji Sub

Born: November 4, 1977

Song: Picnic (January 2013)

So Ji Sub is probably one of the better known actors who got involved in the music scene. He dropped a number of albums, showing the world his rapping skills.

Lee Jun Ki

Born: April 17, 1982

Song: J Style (April 2009)

Lee Jun Ki first released a mini album in 2006, and has put out a few more albums since.

Jang Geun Suk (Team H)

Born: August 4, 1987

Song: What Is Your Name (February 2013)

It’s not a surprise that Jang Geun Suk is on the list. A few of the roles he took in movies and dramas had music careers including “Beethoven Virus,” “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do,” and “You’re Beautiful.” With the exception of 2013, he has released at least one album a year since 2008.

Park Shin Hye

Born: February 18, 1990

Song: My Dear (June 2014)

The song features Yong Jun Hyung from Beast. Park Shin Hye previously showed off her vocal skills in drama “You’re Beautiful,” and have also released soundtracks for a few of her dramas and movies.

Gu Hye Sun

Born: November 9, 1984

Song: Happy (November 2013)

A woman of many talents, from director, screenwriter, composer, painter, writer, actor and more, Gu Hye Sun proves she’s more than just looks. She first got into the entertainment industry during the “ulzzang” craze along with Nam Sang Mi and Park Han Byul.

Lee Dong Gun

Born: July 26, 1980

Song: Missing You (August 2008)

Although Lee Dong Gun is technically a singer since he made his debut in music, he rose to fame after switching to dramas and is largely remembered as such.

Ahn Jae Wook

Born: September 12, 1971

Song: Forever (May 1997)

Ahn Jae Wook managed to snag the honor “Best Song of the Month” for May 1997 with “Forever,” the soundtrack from drama “Star In My Heart” that kickstarted his music career.

Park Yong Ha

Born: August 12, 1977

Song: *My Memory (January 2001)

The late Park Yong Ha had a successful career as a singer in Japan. He rose to stardom with “Winter Sonata,” the drama which also shot Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo’s popularity to superstardom both in Korea and Japan. Once again, rest in peace.

*Park Yong Ha covered this song in his concert, which was originally released by singer Ryu.

Lee Min Ho

Born: June 22, 1987

Song: Love Motion (June 2013)

Lee Min Ho released a special album for his fans, which covers a variety of genres including British rock, jazz, electronic, and modern rock.

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