[Hiring] Soompi Graphic Designer/Videographer Position Available in Seoul!

Hi Soompiers! Soompi is seeking an awesome graphic designer/videographer who can create and edit graphics and videos. If you’re an experienced designer who lives in Seoul and is looking for a part-time job, this might be the position for you!

Our designer will create fun graphics for Soompi.com and Soompi Shop, as well as shoot and edit video interviews with the newest and hottest names in K-Pop. You will work about 20-30 hours a week from our Seoul office. Our ideal candidate will be well-versed in both graphic design and video editing, but we will also consider candidates who are skilled in graphic design and are willing to learn the basics of video recording and editing. (Videography is a secondary responsibility, so we will not accept candidates who are well-versed in video editing but cannot create and edit graphics.)

If you’re not a Korean citizen, you must possess a working visa (e.g., F-2, F-4, E-7, and H-1). Please email your resume and portfolio to jobs@soompi.com, and we’ll get back to you!


  • Fluency with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Proficiency with video recording equipment and editing software such as Final Cut Pro
  • High level of self-motivation and adaptability
  • Ability to work under fast deadlines
  • Team player
  • Youthful and fun style
  • Preferably Korean/English bilingual
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