5 Reasons Why You Should Watch “My Little Television”

Have you heard about “My Little Television?” Or maybe you already watch it! If you have, props for you because it’s not as big in the international crowd as it is in Korea right. Some of you may have seen clips and wondered exactly what the show is about (because sometimes it just looks like famous celebrities talking to a computer screen while doing their own thing). Here are five fun reasons why you should watch “My Little Television” that will clear up some of the questions you have about this novel yet quickly growing show.

1. It’s not a novel idea.


“My Little Television” is based on an already popular broadcasting medium: live online broadcasting (mostly through AfreecaTV). Anyone can broadcast from their home using this live online broadcasting system, and the content can be anything from workouts to mukbang (eating broadcasting, which is the most popular). Viewers can give money to the broadcasters through “balloons” or “chocolates,” which can be transferred into real money by the broadcasters who receive them. Some of the most popular bj’s (broadcasting jockeys) even make their entire living off of live online broadcasting. Check out a real life, popular mukbang bj below.

2. But it’s not about the money.


“My Little Television” is obviously not about the money though. The show is set up so that there are five or six famous celebrities who are competitors. (There’s actually a strange but adorable backstory to the show, where there’s a “Master” and Seo Yuri is working on her grand plan to gather as many people as possible or something.) They each have their own room and do their own live online broadcasting — an hour and a half, an hour and a half, for three hours total. The winner is decided based on how many people watch the broadcasts. The best part about live online broadcasting — and the reason many celebrities decide to challenge themselves and give it a try — is because of the ability to communicate with viewers. As the broadcasting goes on, viewers can comment in the room and a good broadcaster will constantly read comments and respond accordingly. Some are great at this; others, not quite.


3. It’s created sensations.


The most obvious one is Baek Jong Won, who has gained immense popularity in the last few months. His initial fame started here though. After getting first place on the pilot program and then winning six times in a row, he lost once to Kim Young Man and then left the show due to family issues.

Kim Young Man picked up right where Baek Jong Won left off. As a familiar childhood star for individuals currently in their thirties (kind of like a Korean Mister Rogers), this man is the face of children’s shows and specifically origami education. On his first appearance, he broke the broadcasting system due to the overload of viewers, made it to the most searched list on Korean websites, and beat out six-star Baek Jong Won for first place.

4. Short clips from the show have gone viral.


I didn’t start watching “My Little Television” until a few weeks ago, but I knew all of the most popular parts because of social media. Several clips from this show have gone viral on various social media outlets, and even though people might not watch the whole show, everyone in Korea probably recognizes these few clips. It’s working, because in the end, I started watching it too!

5. It’s a survival game = The cast is always changing!


This is one of my favorite things about “My Little Television”: the cast is changing every week. Although there are staples like Kim Gu Ra who show no sign of leaving, there have also been one-time broadcasters — such as EXID’s Hani, Solji (who actually has a stable streak going on), AOA’s ChoA, SISTAR’s Dasom, SHINee’s Key, A Pink’s Namjoo, Jung Joon Young, Lady Jane, San E, and illusionist Lee Eun Gyul (who also has a stable streak going). It’s exciting to anticipate who’s going to be on it next!

These are five basic reasons why you should watch “My Little Television.” Now when you see clips floating around, you’ll know what the show is all about. Who has been your favorite on the show? Or who would you like to see on the show? Share with us in the comments!

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