Song Minguk Is Praised For His Musical Sense By Veteran Musical Actress Yoon Bok Hee

On the July 24 episode of MBC program “Human Documentary,” Song Il Gook meets veteran musical actress Yoon Bok Hee who is visiting her student musical actress Kim Sun Kyung.

When Yoon Bok Hee sees Song Il Gook, she tells him, “I’m a fan of Daehan, Minguk, and Manse, especially Minguk.”

When Kim Sun Kyung asks Yoon Bok Hee why she likes Minguk, she says, “He’s got an outstanding musical sense.”

Song Il Gook is caught off guard and says, “Really? He seems to have a good musical sense?”

Song Il Gook

Yoon Bok Hee insists, “Yea, I watched [‘The Return of Superman‘] from start to finish.”

“My wife has pitch,” Song Il Gook says. “I want to make [Minguk] a musical actor later.”

Yoon Bok Hee says, “He’s good at rapping too, isn’t he?”

Song Il Gook subsequently whips out his phone and manages to get his boys on a video call, trying to get them to sing for Yoon Bok Hee and Kim Sun Kyung.

Song Il Gook 2

Do you think Minguk would make a good musical actor?

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