「CREATED」 Is The Newest Destination Made for You

Ever wonder where you can learn Taeyeon’s “I Got Love” makeup look? Or where you can find someone to teach you how to make the perfect kimbap? Well, you can find all this and more on CREATED, Viki’s new platform for all things Asian culture and lifestyle. Here you can discover a wide variety of creators and videos that cater to your interests, all inspired by the celebrities, dramas, and music you love. Whether it be speed drawings of your favorite actors or language videos that help you perfect the art of singing K-pop, CREATED is the newest destination made for you and the things you care about. Quite simply put, it’s a place to find content for you, made by creators like you.

CREATED will be coming for you on May 1, and to celebrate, we are partnering with Viki and a few creators for a special campaign called “Viki ID.” Since CREATED is a platform made for you and since it’s launching in May, which is Asian American Heritage Month, we want to celebrate CREATED’s grand opening by celebrating all the diverse passions that define your IDentity. So every week in May, we will be focusing on a different shared interest of the Viki and Soompi community and release exclusive CREATED content featuring some of the coolest creators around. Read on to find out what themes we’ll be celebrating each week and the creators who will be hosting the party!

Week 1: Food

We’ve all been guilty at some point of drooling over the foods we see on screen, whether it’s the delicious spicy rice cakes in Korean dramas or the Taiwanese dishes in “The Perfect Match.” That’s why we’re partnering with creators Angela and Margarita to bring you the recipes for iconic dishes from the dramas and shows you love. There will be opportunities for you to pick which recipes to be featured, so be sure to stay tuned to Viki and Soompi’s social for updates, but in the meantime, get to know our creators Angela and Margarita below!

Angela Minji Kim is a creator based in Southern California who produces videos for her channel “AngelaMinjiKim” in which she shares delicious Korean food recipes, taste tests, and mukbangs. She also does fun product reviews, and shares stories on her life as a Korean American.

Margarita is a London-based YouTuber, who runs a channel dedicated to Korean culture. She has a great passion for everything Korean and her videos include Korean language tutorials, K-Drama reviews, K-Pop Covers and a recently launched new segment dedicated to Korean beauty. Having never been to Korea, Margarita hopes that one day her channel will pave the way for her to visit the country of her dreams!

Week 2: Lifestyle

All our favorite celebrities have often shared tips for being healthy from the inside out, but sometimes those tips may or may not work for us. That’s why we’re teaming up with creator Liah Yoo to help you find the right way to be healthy for you. Learn all about Liah below!

Based in Seoul, Liah is quickly becoming one of the top international beauty vloggers with a growing audience around the globe. Liah’s focus on Korean beauty and holistic approach of skincare earned her recognition from the industry as a beauty expert. Her deep understanding of beauty and skincare coupled with her down-to-earth personality and approachable demeanor make her a well-loved beauty guru. Liah formerly worked at Amorepacific for two years and soon jumped into pursuing her passion in creating contents full time. Liah was a panel the top Korean beauty reality show, ‘Get It Beauty’ and she has also been nominated on ‘TeenVogue’s 15 Beauty YouTubers To Watch’ list.

Week 3: Beauty

Many of us have probably wondered how Song Hye Kyo achieved her natural makeup look in “Descendants of the Sun” or how we can recreate EXID Hani’s bold look in “L.I.E.” That’s why we’re partnering up with beauty gurus Fei and Margarita to show you all the ins and outs of Asian beauty. We’ve already met Margarita in Week 1, so read on to learn more about Fei below. There may also be an opportunity for you to choose which looks you want to learn, so stay tuned to Viki and Soompi’s social for the chance to let your voice be heard!

Fei is a vlogger based in the United States who produces the vlog titled “heyitsfeiii,” the self-proclaimed official “K-pop fan girl feels fambam.” She covers topics ranging from K-pop reactions, weird hacks and product reviews, Korean beauty and skincare, K-pop makeup tutorials, and her favorite Korean idols, including GOT7, BTS, EXO, SEVENTEEN and NCT. Some of her most popular videos are those that compare Korean vs. American beauty products and acne treatment products.

Week 4: YOU

CREATED was made for you, so that’s why we’re placing the spotlight on YOU for the final week of Viki ID. Throughout weeks 1 to 3, you will have opportunities to create and share with us content that expresses your identity with the hashtag #VikiID. Whether it be a selfie featuring your favorite K-pop look or showing us your favorite food recipe, express and share with us what makes you, you, using #VikiID, and you could be featured in our final week and even get a cool prize. So start creating, and remember to hashtag #VikiID!

See you soon on CREATED!

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