The Nine Muses Reveal Official MV Teaser for "Ticket"

First it was the sexy play card, then the group revealed their teaser image, and now finally we have their MV teaser for "Ticket." The music of the teaser is very unique and it features the powerful and confident vocals of the Nine Muses. The teaser shows a man getting ready to get on a train while the Nine Muses are standing at the train station. The man is shown looking at his ticket inside of t...

miss A Suzy and Lee Jae Hoon Look Like a Real Couple

Pictures from the set of the film “Architecture 101” were released and it shows miss A’s Suzy and Lee Jae Hoon looking like a real couple. Lee Jae Hoon said of Suzy, “She was very quick at understanding the character. I tried to help her out but I received a lot of help instead. I was personally grateful because it was so much fun going to the film set because of her.”

Kim Soo Hyun Wants the Big Prize

Actor Kim Soo Hyun recently revealed his wish of winning a prize during the year end award ceremonies. On an episode of Mnet's "Wide Entertainment News" that aired on March 5, a short interview was held with "The Moon that Embraces the Sun's" big star, Kim Soo Hyun.

Kara "Best Clip 2 and Show" DVD #1 on Oricon Chart

Kara’s “Best Clip 2 and Show” has maintained #1 for five days on the Japanese Oricon DVD chart. The DVD “Best Clip 2 and Show” was released on February 29 and has been #1 on the DVD Overall chart. “Kara Best Clip” which was released on February 23, 2011 also went up to #1 on the Oricon Weekly DVD Chart. It was the first time that an overseas female singer had appeared on the DVD chart after it was...

Shinhwa Hoped that H.O.T Would Come Back As Well

"We were so happy when we saw articles saying that H.O.T will be reuniting. We thought it'd be fun to promote activities with a fellow first generation idol group." Shinhwa, who is to make their first come back in four years, has displayed a strong friendship with their rival group, H.O.T, who disbanded in 2001.

Seohyun: "The Girls’ Generation Unnis Made Me Drink Bombs"

The Girls’ Generation youngest member Seohyun revealed that the older Girls’ Generation members forced her to drink bombs! (Bombs are drinks where you mix beer with hard liquor such as soju, whiskey, vodka, or sake.) For the episode of “Strong Heart” that was broadcast on March 6 Seohyun stated, “After the Japanese tour we had a drinking party with the members. The Girls’ Generation members used a...