Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung Deny Relationship

Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung are denying their dating rumors. On April 16, a representative of Lee Byung Hun's agency, BH Entertainment, stated, "The news about Lee Byung Hun's relationship is not true. Lee Min Jung was invited to his house, however, it wasn't just her. People part of the movie industry were invited that day.

SHINee to Finish "Sherlock" Promotions in Korea This Week

SHINee is wrapping up "Sherlock" promotion in Korea after a month-long successful streak. SHINee presents perfect live stage with powerful and groundbreaking choreography with "Sherlock," satisfying both audio and visual needs of fans, viewers, and listeners. As a result of "Sherlock"s extremely wide popularity, SHINee extended their promotion for a week in Korea. Fans and viewers will be able to ...

[Update] Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung: New Couple?

Top star Lee Byung Hun(42) and popular actress Lee Min Jung(30) are currently dating. People part of the entertainment business have stated that the two had good feelings for each other, starting the end of last year. The two got to naturally meet at various ceremonies and official movie meetings. After spending time with each other, they quietly began dating the beginning of this year.

Baek Ayeon Recieves Highest Score on April 15 Episode of "SBS K-Pop Star"

“SBS K-Pop Star” is nearing its end. The TOP 3 contestants were reduced down to 3 for the live episode broadcast on April 15. Lee Seung Hoon was dropped while Baek Ayeon received the highest score of 290. Baek Ayeon received training under JYP and they decided that she would sing Kim Bum Soo’s classic, “I’m Missing You.” After Baek Ayeon’s performance, BoA stated, “It was so great. I like the K-Po...

Lee Hyori: “My Boyfriend and I Had Bad First Impressions of Each Other”

It looks like first impressions don’t mean everything in the case of Lee Hyori and her boyfriend! For the episode of “Healing Camp” that will broadcast on April 16, Lee Hyori revealed much about her relationship. She stated on the show, “I first met my current boyfriend (Lee Sang Soon) through a common friend. During our first meeting we had such different hobbies and personalities that we gave ea...

Super Junior’s Kang In Discharged from the Military!

As we reported earlier, Kang In was discharged from his military service today on April 16. The big question is whether he will return to Super Junior. SM Entertainment represetntaives stated, “The Super Junior members have become closer than ever. Whenever Kang In came out for vacation, he met with the members at their dorm and spent time together to straighten out any misunderstandings.”

miss A Suzy’s Head Is the Size of a Coffee Tumbler!

miss A’s Suzy proved that she has a small head! As we reported, Suzy’s small head gained attention before, when the MMA fighter Choi Hong Man squeezed it. On April 13 Suzy tweeted, “My friends gave me a tea bag and tumbler to take good care of my neck. I have posted up the picture now. Thank you, I will return quickly to Gwangju wait for me.” In the posted picture, Suzy is making a cute smile next...