Lee Min Jung Gets Rejected by Yoon Hyung Bin?

Comedian Yoon Hyung Bin and actress Lee Min Jung squeezed in together for a picture. On January 16, Yoon Hyung Bin updated his Twitter saying, “I’m sorry, I got your girlfriend. I’ll be sure to leave a little space between us. Ironically I just saw ‘Wonderful Radio’ which was very good. I am just a fan. My arms are folded with the goddess~!” Along with his post he revealed the following picture.

Chaos Member Park Taeyang Misses His Teacher, Actor Choi Min Soo

Park Taeyang of new boy band Chaos recently revealed that he misses his teacher, actor Choi Min Soo. Park Taeyang first met Choi Min Soo on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Sunday: Zero Member” in 2006. “Zero Member” was a show that helped misbehaving high school students get on the right path in life. Park Taeyang was a high school senior on the show, and received rigorous instruction from teacher Choi Min Soo. ...

Actress Moon Chae Won Declines Role in Drama "Rooftop Prince"

Earlier today, it was revealed that Moon Chae Won has been reviewing the script for SBS TV's upcoming drama, "Rooftop Prince." However, it was later reported that Moon has decided not to take the role. On the 16th, Moon’s agency revealed through a TV report, “We’ve been reviewing the script for drama ‘Rooftop Prince,’ but have made the final decision not to cast in it.”

Movie "Poem" Is Set to Be Released in Japan in February

The Korean movie “Poem”, directed by Lee Chang Dong, will be released in Japan on February 11. On January 16, a representative of Kino Eye Japan stated that, “Starting in the Ginza Theatre Cinema in Tokyo, we are planning to release this movie on a national scale.” For the Japanese release, the Korean title “Poem” will be converted into “Poetry: The Song of Agnes” (ポエトリー:アグネスの詩’).

Original Cast of "Winter Sonata" Are Touched by Its Musical Adaption

Time has flown by. It has already been ten years since the immense popular drama “Winter Sonata” aired its very first episode on January 14, 2002. To celebrate its grand anniversary, the original cast of the drama had gathered on the musical stage of “Winter Sonata” on January 14, 2012. Not only Choi Jin Woo, but also Kim Hae Sook, Lee Hye Eun and Park Hyun Sook and all other members were at this ...