Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung Reveals Her Triceps

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung wrote on her twitter on January 17, “I promised on our concert for December 28 2011. Revealing my triceps. I had actually just said that as a joke but for a while it gave me anxiety. Although it is not perfect I still tried. I am embarrassed to call them triceps and I will call them ‘Ssamdu’ instead.” (A play on words) Anyways, I kept my promise!”

“K-Pop Star” Airs Live Starting February

SBS’ “K-Pop Star,” which has garnered much interest for its dazzling performers and the insightful judges, is finally going live this February! On the January 16, KPOP Star’s producer, Park Sung Hoon revealed to “OSEN,” “K-Pop Star is going to go live soon” “currently the contestants who were ‘cast’ by SM, YG, and JYP are going though a two week training program.”

miss A Suzy Shares Preview for Her New Movie

Yesterday, miss A’s Suzy tweeted, “The preview for ‘Introduction to Architecture’ is out! Click click!” She also attached the link to the movie preview. After her successful drama debut with “Dream High,” Suzy makes her big screen debut with “Introduction to Architecture,” starring Uhm Tae Woong, Han Ga In, and Lee Je Hoon.

SNSD’s YoonA & Yuri Appear in Japanese SAT

SNSD members Yuri and YoonA's names were featured on the Japanese SAT. The Japanese SAT exam similar to America and Korea's, the aptitude test which evaluates students and determines their college attendance was held in Japan on January 14. During the Korean language portion, members Yuri and YoonA's named appeared in some of the problems asked. That day, during the Korean test, Yuri's name was me...

MBLAQ Mir "Can’t Date Because of My Sister Go Eun Ah"

Go Eun Ah and MBLAQ’s Mir will appear on the episode of SBS “Strong Heart” that will broadcast tonight on January 17. (Korean Time) Mir stated, “I think I am always within my sister’s palm. Wherever I go I am always being watched by my sister.” (The expression “Always within one’s palm comes from “Journey to the West” and the wager between the Monkey King and Buddha. Basically, it means that one c...