Who Wore It Best: Male Idol Groups in White Outfits

Male idol groups try out various styles throughout their career based on the concept of their albums, title tracks, and choreography. While their style range varies from funky hip hop, catchy vivid colored outfits, to stylish suits, there is one common concept that almost every male idol groups go through at least once, mostly earlier in their career: pure white outfits from head to toe.

Idol Stars with the Sexiest Collarbones?!

Stars and fashionistas like to show off their collarbones as a sign of sexiness and skinniness. They enjoy sporting sexy, deep neckline outfits which highlight and expose their sharply outlined clavicles. While it’s mostly female stars who flaunt their bony, protruded clavicles, you would be amazed by how sizzling some hot male stars’ collarbones are!