About Soompi

Soompi, a division of Viki Inc., is one of the world’s largest and longest-running English online media providing complete coverage of Korean pop culture. Founded in 1998, Soompi has become the ultimate authority for all the latest news on Korean celebrities, music, TV shows, movies, and style, as well as a respected organization that works closely with major Korean entertainment agencies to bring you exclusive content. Soompi boasts a dedicated user base from 150 different countries. Site traffic is spread out among our comprehensive forums and news site. Soompi reports everything awesome and important going on in the world of Korean entertainment, in a way that’s lively, engaging, positive, respectful, and timely.

In August 2015, Soompi was acquired by Viki, Inc., the leading streaming video service for global TV.


Soompi’s legacy began in 1998 when a lonely fan created a Korean pop music fan site from her home in Los Angeles. As a fan of a famous boy band called H.O.T., “Soomp” initially started her site with the goal of providing a place where she and her American friends could share their love for H.O.T. and their counterparts. However, Soompi quickly gained traction and has grown into one of the most distinct brands in the Korean pop culture fan world. Offices are in San Francisco and Seoul. The editorial team now consists of editors and contributors from around the world, as it continues to grow in size and influence in the Korean entertainment industry.



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