Park Hae Jin Explains Why He Prefers Bromance Over Romance And Reveals What He’s Scared Of

Park Hae Jin recently sat down for an interview and opened up about his preferences when it came to acting.

The actor expressed, “I’m still more comfortable acting with men. I’m really weak with romance. Thankfully, the romance in ‘Man to Man’ was a part of my character’s [undercover] plan. It’s been a long time since I’ve dated in real life, so it’s difficult for me to express the tingly feelings that new lovers feel. Filming romantic scenes is something I struggle with.”

When asked whether he had any plans to date, Park Hae Jin answered, “I would definitely date if I liked someone. I’m not staying single on purpose.”

While talking about action scenes, the actor shared, “I try not to use a body double if I’m just running or rolling around. I can even do car flip stunts. Am I fearless? No. I’m really scared of ghosts. I’m a scaredy-cat.”

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