Update: STELLAR Promises Dark And Sexy In “Archangels Of The Sephiroth” MV Teaser

Updated June 26 KST:

STELLAR has dropped a music video teaser for their comeback!

Updated June 24 KST:

STELLAR has released a teaser photo for their new member, Soyoung!

Updated June 23 KST:

STELLAR has released the individual teaser photo for member Minhee!

Updated June 22 KST:

STELLAR has released a teaser photo for member Hyoeun!

Updated June 21 KST:

STELLAR has now shared a teaser photo for member Jeonyul!


STELLAR has shared their first teaser photo for their comeback, with new details for fans!

On June 20, the group posted a beautiful photo of Gayoung on Twitter with the caption, “2017.6.27 COME BACK!!! ‘STELLAR in to the world.'”

STELLAR previously announced that their summer comeback will include the addition of a new member.

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