Kim Young Kwang’s Character Portrayal Continues To Impress Viewers In “Lookout”

Kim Young Kwang is hitting the spot with his acting as enigmatic prosecutor Jang Do Han in MBC’s “Lookout.”

In episodes 19 and 20, Jang Do Han confessed to Cho Su Ji (Lee Si Young) the reason for his vengeance against corrupted prosecutor Yoon Seung Ro (Choi Moo Sung). He revealed that Seung Ro tore his family apart by framing Do Han’s father as a North Korean spy, which later drove his father to commit murder.

To revenge for his family, Do Han had created the “Lookout” team and tried to capture Seung Ro by collecting evidence of his immoral deeds. However, Seung Ro finds out about Do Han’s plans and Do Han ends up in Seung Ro’s trap.

Kim Young Kwang perfectly captured Do Han’s enraged yet devastated emotion through his sophisticated acting in these episodes. The emotional scene where Do Han forces a smile on his face, even though he is crushed inside, touched many viewers.

According to the production staff, the scene of his forced smile was improvised by Kim Young Kwang. This goes to show how diligently Kim Young Kwang worked to hone the portrayal of his character.

Meanwhile, “Lookout” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST.

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