Update: BTOB’s Peniel Releases 3rd Audio Teaser For Upcoming “Piece Of BTOB” Solo Track

Updated June 25 KST:

Here is Peniel’s latest audio teaser for his upcoming solo track “That Girl“!

This time, he shows a different part of the track from the previous teasers. Watch the teaser for a surprise!

Updated June 23 KST: 

BTOB’s Peniel has shared another brief audio teaser of his upcoming solo track for “Piece of BTOB!”

Peniel had shared the teaser on his personal Instagram account the day before but released it on his personal YouTube account at midnight KST on June 23.

In the teaser, we can hear a short clip of the instrumentals and a snippet of Peniel’s voice before he shuts it down and says, “No more.”

The song will be released on June 27.

Original Article: 

After Changsub and Ilhoon, Peniel is next to release a solo track for the “Piece of BTOB” project!

Peniel’s track was produced in collaboration with his brother-in-law and producer KAIROS, who has worked on songs such as Suzy‘s “Pretend” and TWICE’s “Next Page.” The song is scheduled to be released in late June.

Peniel has previously demonstrated his artistic abilities through diverse ways such as holding a personal photo exhibition and directing the music video for BTOB-BLUE’s “Stand By Me.” He will showcase his musical talents with his first official solo release since BTOB’s debut for this project.

On June 22 at midnight KST, Peniel released a funny “audio teaser” for the track which includes a tiny bit of a listen to the track. Watch it below!

Meanwhile, “Piece of BTOB” features one member releasing a solo track each month. It kicked off with Changsub’s “At The End” in April and continued with Ilhoon’s “Fancy Shoes” in May.

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