“Produce 101 Season 2” Trainee Kim Tae Min To Hold First Ever Fan Meeting

Kim Tae Min of “Produce 10 Season 2,” who unfortunately had to withdraw from the show, will be holding his first fan meeting soon.

On the afternoon of July 16, Kim Tae Min will hold a fan meeting entitled “Flower Road: The First” at the TCC Art Center in Seoul. The event will allow the rookie actor from Hanahreum Company to talk with his fans and show off his charms.

A source from Hanahreum Company stated, “We’ve prepared this opportunity in order to give back to fans in return for the interest and love they’ve given to Kim Tae Min. Kim Tae Min is working harder than ever to get ready for the concert.”

Tickets to the fan meeting are free, while attendees are asked to make a donation of food that will be given to the needy under the name of Kim Tae Min and his fans.

Kim Tae Min sadly had to withdraw from “Produce 101 Season 2” when he required surgery for enterostenosis.

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