Samuel Reveals Details About Debut Mini Album And Shares Sneak Preview Of Tracks

Samuel Kim of “Produce 101 Season 2” has given fans a sneak preview of his upcoming debut release!

On June 21, Samuel Kim hosted his first ever live show on Naver’s V Live, where he had the chance to chat with his fans all over the world. During the show, he also took fans into a recording studio, where Brave Entertainment’s founder Brave Brothers (real name Kang Dong Chul) was playing Samuel Kim’s new song “I’m Ready” (which was previously shared in part through a touching video).

Samuel Kim and Brave Brothers explained to fans that they’d give everyone a quick listen to tracks off Samuel Kim’s upcoming mini album, which they announced will be out in August.

The reveal of this detail included Samuel Kim being absolutely adorable as he first couldn’t remember what the month of August is called in English (and first said September), and later simply told fans in English that the mini album will be out “at eighth” (as the word for August in Korean means simply “the eighth month”). So don’t be confused while watching the broadcast, as the mini album is indeed planned to be released in August!

To give fans a taste of the mini album, the pair played clips from “I’m Ready,” as well as a track based on hip-hop with a mix of old school and new styles titled “1, 2, 3” that Brave Brothers said would allow Samuel to show his dancing skills, an R&B hip-hop track called “With You,” and a trap-inspired song called “I Got It.”

Lastly, they gave fans a listen to the upbeat song “Sixteen,” which will be his title track.

Brave Brothers said that all the agency’s producers been working on Samuel Kim’s mini album for over a year, and that they have tracks prepared for his future full album as well.

Watch Samuel Kim’s broadcast here to listen to the songs! The reveal of his tracks begins at around 23:08. Enjoy!