Kim Dong Jun Writes Heartfelt Message To Fans After News Of His New Agency

It was announced earlier this week that Kim Dong Jun, formerly of the group ZE:A, had moved agencies from Star Empire to Gold Moon Entertainment.

The idol-turned-actor took to his personal Instagram to write a heartfelt message for fans after the news broke.

“Hello, this is Kim Dong Jun,” he wrote. “I am first of all grateful to Mr. Shin Joo Hak and the rest of the Star Empire staff for giving an immature kid from Busan the chance to debut. Now I have a new family with which to begin my new journey and new dreams. I call them my new family, but I am actually working with Mr. Hwang Jung Moon, who watched over me for over 10 years starting from my trainee days and helped me grow up with his warm and honest advice, who from being like a dependable older brother is now a company president.”

He continued, “I have received a lot of love until now as Dong Jun from ZE:A and have undergone experiences beyond my age. From now on, I would like to show everyone different sides of myself as Kim Dong Jun and try new things that I hadn’t done before. Everything is new and still awkward, but with my Gold Moon family by my side we will keep the same goals in mind and slowly take steps forward. I will work hard to show you an even better side of myself than before. Please support my new start at Gold Moon. Thank you. Always, thank you.”

Kim Dong Jun’s new agency was founded by his former manager, Hwang Jung Moon.

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