Watch: SEVENTEEN Takes On Random Play And Double Speed Dances On “Weekly Idol”

SEVENTEEN took on the random play dance and the double speed dance on “Weekly Idol”!

After hearing that some groups practice their songs at double speed before coming on “Weekly Idol,” the MCs told SEVENTEEN that they will only be given the opportunity to do the double speed dance if they pass the random speed dance within three tries. It took them a couple tries to get it right, but the third time was the charm for this very talented group!

The MCs asked the members what song they would like to do at double speed, and everyone agreed on “Don’t Wanna Cry.” Although the MCs initially disagreed, saying that the song is too slow, the members convinced them that the dance for it is still difficult. When the double speed dance began, the MCs were shocked at how hard the dance was, and also how perfectly the group handled the dance!

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN recently made a comeback with “Don’t Wanna Cry” and is currently actively promoting the track.