Kwon Hyun Bin Picks The Trainees That He Thought Would Do The Best On “Produce 101 Season 2”

Kwon Hyun Bin, one of the participants on “Produce 101 Season 2,” revealed who he thought would do well out of all the contestants on the show.

When asked to choose the trainee that he thought would do the best the first time he saw them, he picked Ong Sung Woo. He said, “I saw him popping for his first performance, and he danced so well at the same time that he was singing. His breathing technique was so stable, too. I thought, ‘When this airs, he’s going to be very popular.'”

He also said that a trainee that he thinks is going to do well in the future is Jang Moon Bok. He said, “Mook Bok had great popularity regardless of the votes from the very start. There weren’t many people in Korea who didn’t know who he was. I really do think he’s a huge world star, so I think he’s going to do well.”

When he was asked whether he still keeps in contact with Jang Moon Bok, he said, “Yes. We keep in touch, and I was so grateful that Moon Bok kept writing comments on my posts and everything. I had a lot to think about after ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ so I stopped talking to a lot of people, but Moon Bok contacted me first and he takes such great care of me. I’m grateful for that and we’re still really close.”

Meanwhile, Kwon Hyun Bin was unfortunately eliminated from Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2” at 22nd place. However, he plans to meet his fans with a solo fan meet in July.

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