Retired Actress Shim Eun Ha Issues Statement After Health Concerns Surface

Actress Shim Eun Ha issued a statement after health after there were concerns about her health.

Earlier, her husband and member of parliament Ji Sang Wook withdrew from his party’s leadership race. He said, “There has been an issue with my family member’s health, so I must be by my family’s side.” It was also relayed that Shim Eun Ha was given emergency treatment for a non life-threatening drug overdose in Seoul on June 21. This raised concerns of Shim Eun Ha’s health.

In response, Shim Eun Ha said in the official statement that she released on June 21, “I have discovered that I have post-traumatic stress disorder recently, which I didn’t know about. I needed medical treatment, but until now, while raising my children, I overcame it on my own with my willpower and effort. However, recently, I started taking medication and had to go to the hospital. I am okay now and I will be discharged soon. I am sorry for worrying you.”

We hope for Shim Eun Ha’s speedy recovery.

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