BTS Talks About The Importance Of ARMY, Billboard Awards, And Artists They Want To Work With

BTS has been busy lately, not only with their world tour but with making history as the first K-pop group to win an award at the Billboard Music Awards. Despite their hectic schedule, BTS took time to complete an interview through which they talked about how important their fans are to them, their experience at the Billboard Music Awards last month, and also about which artists they would like to collaborate with in the future.

The members talked about what has changed since they received the award for Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards and J-Hope humorously said, “Hm, people now use a different modifier before our group name. People have been introducing us as ‘The Artists That Won An Award At The Billboard Music Awards’ lately.” Jungkook gave a more serious response and stated, “I think that we feel like the metaphoric stage that we perform on now is larger so the burden of responsibility and concern that comes with that has grown.”

When talking about their incredible popularity overseas, V said, “Through our world tour, we are able to meet fans all around the world and every time I stand on stage I think, ‘Our fans really do love us.’ Also, when tickets for locations on our tour sell out, I feel really grateful and proud.” Rap Monster added, “Lately, we have come to realize our popularity, which we are thankful for. We especially felt it at the Billboard Music Awards and were really surprised [at how many fans were at the actual ceremony]. We want to express our gratitude to all the international fans who continue to work hard to send us their love.”

The group also talked about the artists they met at the Billboard Music Awards and V said, “I was really happy to be able to talk with the Chainsmokers in person because they are artists that I really like.” Suga agreed, “Meeting the Chainsmokers was really memorable. I think it would be fun to work with them in the future.”

Along those lines, the members revealed which artists they would like to collaborate with in the future. V named Drake as the artist he wants to work with while Jungkook named Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, and Troye Sivan. Rap Monster named a few Korean artists and said, “As always, I want to work with Younha as well as Lee Sora and Tablo. Plus, lately I’ve been interested in Bolbbalgan4 and Ahn Jiyoung. In terms of artists overseas, it would be an honor to work with Drake or Nas.”

Suga didn’t name a specific artist but stated, “I want to work with a variety of artists. They don’t even necessarily have to be musicians. I just want to work with other artists in a variety of ways.” Jin simply named B1A4’s Sandeul as the artist he wants to work with while Jimin humbly said, “Right now, I still want to just continue working hard with my fellow members.”

Finally, the group was asked about how they constantly express their love for their fans. V responded, “[We express our love frequently] because ARMY is very precious to us and we are always grateful for them. Above all else, we do it because we truly love our fans.” Jin wrapped up the interview and said, “We are who we are right now because of ARMY. Even now, we would not have been able to accomplish what we have without them.”

Meanwhile, BTS celebrated their fourth debut anniversary a two weeks ago and, a few days ago, BTS’s agency responded to reports about the group’s next project.

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