Park Bo Young Reacts To A Fan Who Asks Her For Consolation After Getting Caught Drunk Driving

Actress Park Bo Young made the best of an uncomfortable incident that took place recently in one of her V Live broadcasts.

During one of her broadcasts, Park Bo Young noticed a comment from a fan asking her to console them because they had been caught drunk driving. Upon reading the comment, which said, “I just got caught drunk driving, please comfort me,” the actress said in a shocked voice, “What?”

She continued, “You mean you were drunk driving?” and, “Oh my goodness, what are you even saying right now? What on earth, you need to be scolded.” The actress jokingly asked the user to leave the chatting room and, although the actress said these things in a good-natured way, her face gave away the underlying discomfort that she must have felt while addressing the fan.

Park Bo Young later said, “Everyone! You should never, ever get behind the wheel after drinking. [Drunk driving] is no different from attempted murder.”

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