Watch: The Cast Of “Fight My Way” Can’t Get Enough Of Each Other In New Behind-The-Scenes Video

While viewers of “Fight My Way” also probably find the actors of the drama hilarious, it seems that the actors themselves find each other the most funny and adorable, which is evident in the behind-the-scenes videos from the drama’s set.

The atmosphere on set is light and cheerful, with actors greeting each other happily and laughing as they pull of their comical lines in a hilarious way. Ahn Jae Hong talks about how he’s very happy and comfortable on set because he and co-star Song Ha Yoon, who plays his character’s girlfriend of six years, are the same age and take care of one another.

Meanwhile, viewers have been debating the true identity of Jin Hee Kyung‘s character in “Fight My Way” and actor Kwak Si Yang has been confirmed to be making a special cameo appearance in an upcoming episode.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video below!

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