“School 2017” Cast Holds First Table Script Reading With Full Cast

On June 22, upcoming drama “School 2017” released pictures from the first table script reading with the full cast.

The reading took place on June 19 at the KBS practice room in Yeouido. Lead actors Kim Sejeong (of gugudan), Kim Jung Hyun, and Jang Dong Yoon were present, as well as Han Joo Wan, Han Sun Hwa, Kim Eung Soo, Lee Jae Yong, Sung Ji Roo, Kim Hee Jung, Jo Mi Ryung, Min Sung Wook, and Lee Jong Won.

Also present were scriptwriters Jung Chan Mi and Kim Seung Won and the director Park Jin Suk.

The director opened the reading with the words, “Thank you to the actors who responded to our casting calls with complete faith in us. We have gathered actors with bright futures, those who started out as child actors and those who are veterans, as well as rookies. I don’t think we have any problems with our casting. I look forward to the ensemble of young actors and respected actors with lots of experience working together.”

The actors then got into character for the read-through. Kim Sejeong plays Ra Eun Ho, a cheerful schoolgirl who dreams of romance and gets one-sided crushes, but soon gets into trouble. Kim Jung Hyun plays Hyun Tae Woon, who is a tsundere (cold on the outside, warm on the inside) type of character. Jang Dong Yoon plays Song Dae Hwi, who is described as a perfect all-rounder with good looks, good grades, and a good personality.

Han Joo Wan plays Shim Kang Myung, a fair but timid teacher, while Han Sun Hwa plays Han Soo Ji, who plays a “girl crush” type of teacher who isn’t afraid to confront delinquent students. Kim Eung Woo plays Yang Do Jin, the principal, Lee Jae Yong plays Goo Young Goo, the language teacher, Sung Ji Roo plays Sejeong’s father Ra Soon Bong, and Kim Hee Jung plays her mother Kim Sa Boon.

After the rehearsal, director Park Jin Suk said, “There are stories here that are different from those that were told before. Through these stories, we aim to showcase the students’ problems of 2017. I would like this to become a project that makes us question whether we are really taking care of the children that society needs to protect.”

“School 2017” will begin broadcasting in July after the end of “Fight My Way.”

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