Pledis Releases Official Statement About Sexual Assault Allegations Against NU’EST’s Kang Dong Ho

Following sexual assault accusations against NU’EST member Kang Dong Ho, his agency has released a second official statement.

Their official statement is translated below:

“Hello. This is Pledis Entertainment.

“We would like to reveal our official stance on the false statements involving our agency artist Kang Dong Ho.

“First, the words that are spreading online are all false. Since these groundless statements are spreading indiscriminately, we will be taking strong legal action against these false statements without any exceptions. In order to prove Kang Dong Ho’s innocence regarding the completely groundless statements and to make the individual be held responsible for being the source of the rumors, we will sue and file a complaint regarding violating laws of information protection and more.

“Also, we previously did not mention the details regarding the false rumors in our first statement in order to protect our artist. However, due to distorted information spreading we would like to straighten it out.

“The person who is claiming these false statements is an acquaintance of Kang Dong Ho (the younger sister of his hometown friend) and their families know each other. After receiving a KakaoTalk message from her, Kang Dong Ho replied after which the individual immediately claimed that she had been sexually assaulted. Then Kang Dong Ho tried to call her [through KakaoTalk]. However, the individual rejected the call and said she could not talk. Kang Dong Ho then informed the agency about the situation. Since Kang Dong Ho is in a situation where he is receiving a lot of interest, communication with the individual was limited in order to understand the truth as the repercussions of a few words can be great. This is why he did not answer calls from the number in question himself.

“Kang Dong Ho later answered a call he received from an unknown number. After realizing that the call was from the individual in question, he had no choice but to be careful and to say he would contact her later. Kang Dong Ho was taken aback as anyone would be in a situation with a person continuously making one-sided assertions which is why he addressed her and hung up. However, false statements are spreading as though it’s the truth just because of a video and images that show him responding to her while she was making one-sided assertions.

“Thus we are stating that we will take legal action with no exceptions regarding these false statements and illegal instances so that responsibility is taken. Thank you.”

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