“Produce 101 Season 2” Staff Share Their Picks For Best Looking In Person + Strongest Mentalities

In a recent article by Elle Magazine, three staff members from Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2” shared their thoughts on some of the trainees, whom they worked with during the show.

The staff first talked about the trainees whose visuals looked better in person rather than on screen.

The first staff member brought up Kang Daniel, saying, “In the beginning, he looked a little chubby, but as he started to lose weight he had more of a dressed up look. His face reminds you of a puppy, and his monolids and smile are all charming aspects that become more apparent when you see him in person. It’s to the point where if you see him on screen, it doesn’t fully show his charms.”

For Ong Sung Woo, another staff said, “Ong Sung Woo also looks better in person. The contours of his face are very prominent, so he really feels like an actor. When I first saw him, I thought, ‘Wow Fantagio really is an agency for actors.'”

The third staff member talked about Bae Jin Young, saying, “In terms of proportions, Bae Jin Young is the best. Personally I thought he had a similar impression to Kang Dong Won. He feels more like a baby when you compare him to Kang Daniel or Ong Sung Woo, but he is very tall and his face is shockingly tiny.”

The staff members then talked about the trainees who had really strong mentalities during the show.

The first staff member brought up Lai Guan Lin, saying, “Usually you see the trainees cower or become excited based on their rankings, but Lai Guan Lin always remained aloof. The week before the final broadcast, he had dropped from No.2 to No. 20, but he did not act sad or fret about it. He doesn’t really cry and he gives off an impression of being pure and big-hearted.”

For Park Woo Jin, the second staff commented, “Park Woo Jin also doesn’t really cry or show his emotions. You can tell when he performed ‘Never’ despite having shingles. At that time, Woo Jin couldn’t even do whatever facial expression he wanted, and he could barely stay standing because he was so sick. After his performance, he was lying down on a blanket in the waiting room. Even though he looked like he needed to go to the hospital immediately, he stayed and endured through it. In the choreography for ‘Never,’ it’s important to stay in line and be in the right path, which he still managed to do perfectly despite wearing an eyepatch. That’s when I realized he really must have practiced a lot and that he is a trainee who really dances well.”

The third staff talked about Yoon Ji Sung, saying, “Rather than cowering or trying to be quick-witted, Yoon Ji Sung tried to enjoy things while trying his best, which was nice to see. Maybe it’s because he is older. He didn’t continuously alternate between tears and laughter but rather acted like an adult.”

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