“Show Me The Money 6” Airs Special Episode Filled With Familiar Faces As Contestants

Mnet’s newest survival program is about to take flight!

On June 23, a special episode of “Show Me The Money 6” aired, giving viewers a glimpse at what’s to come. Many familiar faces and names appeared in the episode, such as “Show Me The Money” producer Double K, Nucksal, Penomeco, Junoflo, Boi B, P-Type, One Sun, and more.

“High School Rapper” winner Yang Hong Won also made an appearance during the episode; and when American Grammy award-winning artist Swizz Beats heard his rap, he commented, “I think you’re going to win. You’re the superstar that I was looking for.” Meanwhile, former “Unpretty Rapstar” contestant Trudy made an appearance in the episode as well.

After the special episode aired, “Show Me The Money 6” appeared as the No.1 real-time search term on portal sites. Especially with the recent success of Mnet’s survival program “Produce 101 Season 2,” many are curious to see if Mnet will continue the success with “Show Me The Money 6.”

Meanwhile, the first episode of “Show Me The Money 6” is set to air June 30.

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