Entertainment Agency Executives Vote On Most Influential Figures And Groups In K-Pop

Media outlet Sports Seoul has surveyed executives from 32 entertainment agencies on the most influential people in K-pop.

The survey was conducted from June 8 to 15, and each participant wrote their votes for the top three in four different categories. Each first place answer got three points, second place got two, and third place got one. With this format, the total score for each category was 192, and the highest that an individual or group could get was 96.

Check out the results for each category below!

1. Most Influential “Power People” in Music Industry

  1. SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man (43 points)
  2. YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk (30 points)
  3. BTS (26 points)
  4. JYP Entertainment’s Park Jin Young (25 points)
  5. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon (23 points)

Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment topped the list as one of the original key figures in leading the K-pop wave across the world with groups like TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, SHINee, and EXO. Yang Hyun Suk and Park Jin Young of the other “big 3” agencies YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment also ranked high, while artists BTS and G-Dragon also made the list.

2. Best K-pop Producer

  1. Big Hit Entertainment’s Bang Shi Hyuk (48 points)
  2. JYP Entertainment’s Park Jin Young (45 points)
  3. SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man (29 points)
  4. G-Dragon, Teddy (9 points)

Big Hit’s Bang Shi Hyuk took first with his role in the creation and musical success of BTS. “Big 3” producers Park Jin Young, Lee Soo Man, G-Dragon, and Teddy rounded up the list.

3. Best Male K-pop Group

  1. BTS (85 points)
  2. EXO (60 points)
  3. BIGBANG (18 points)
  4. SEVENTEEN (15 points)
  5. Wanna One (4 points)

BTS placed first for best male K-pop group, having received significant recognition with various records and awards worldwide including the Top Social Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards. EXO and BIGBANG took second and third with their long-lasting influence and popularity in the industry. SEVENTEEN placed fourth, while Wanna One from “Produce 101 Season 2” placed fifth with the explosive attention they have been receiving even before debut.

4. Best Female K-pop Group

  1. TWICE (93 points)
  2. GFRIEND (25 points)
  3. BLACKPINK (15 points)
  4. Girls’ Generation (14 points)
  5. Red Velvet (13 points)

TWICE took an overwhelming lead in the girl group category, receiving 93 points out of the 96 possible if all 32 executives had placed them first. The group has shown continuous success in diverse areas including digital charts, album sales, and YouTube views. GFRIEND and BLACKPINK took second and third, respectively, also reigning on digital charts with each release. In fourth, Girls’ Generation showed the power of their longevity amidst all the other groups on the list that debuted less than three years ago. Their agency juniors Red Velvet finished out the list in fifth place.

The following executives of 32 entertainment agencies participated in the survey (note that “Entertainment” has been omitted from agency names for ease of reading):

YG CEO Yang Min Suk, JYP CEO Jung Wook, Star Empire CEO Shin Joo Hak, YMC CEO Jo Yoo Myung, TS CEO Kim Tae Song, FNC President Jo Sung Wan, HOW CEO Lee Yong Geol, Dream Tea CEO Lee Jong Suk, NH EMG CEO Kim Myung Hoon, Santa Music CEO Lee Sang Chul, Happy Face CEO Lee Joo Won, YNB CEO Bang Yoon Dae, Cre.ker CEO Yoon Young Ro, Duble Kick CEO Lee Hyung Jin, Plan A CEO Choi Jin Ho, WM CEO Lee Won Min, Source Music CEO So Sung Jin, Fantagio Music CEO Woo Young Seung, Brave CEO Brave Brothers, Wid May CEO Choi Seung Yong, The Vibe CEO Yoon Min Soo, Pledis Vice President Kim Yeon Soo, Starship Director Seo Hyun Joo, SM Director Kim Eun Ah, Big Hit Director Chae Eun, Kiwi Media Group Director Han Jung Soo, Jellyfish Director Yoo Yeon Wook, Woollim Director Lee Young Joon, Cube Director Lee Ji Won, MBK Director Park Kyu Hyun, DSP Director Kim Kyung Min, Mystic Director Jo Bae Hyun.

What are your thoughts on the results?

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