MONSTA X Says They Want To Perform In All Countries Where They Topped iTunes K-Pop Chart

With MONSTA X’s international popularity growing with every comeback, the guys would love the chance to meet all their fans worldwide!

MONSTA X recently began their first world concert tour “Beautiful” with shows in Seoul on June 17 and 18, and plans to head out to their overseas stops in July.

During a recent interview, member Jooheon said, “We’ve been really excited and nervous during the preparation process about even just the fact that we’re starting a world tour.”

Minhyuk added, “We’ve worried a lot about what the international fans, who we’re meeting for the first time, would like us to show them and sing for them. We’ve prepared a lot. I hope they really like it.”

MONSTA X recently took first place on Korea’s Hanteo album chart with their new repackaged album “Shine Forever,” and also grabbed the top spot on the K-pop chart on iTunes in 19 countries.

In response, I.M said, “It honestly hasn’t sunk in yet, and we just want to repay [the fans] with good performances. We’ll try to definitely visit all 19 countries and perform concerts there. Please keep loving us in the future too.”

MONSTA X is currently promoting “Shine Forever” on music shows, with their most recent performance on June 24’s episode of “Music Core.”

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