Byun Yo Han Reveals His Ideal Type And Talks About His Famous Squad Consisting Of EXO’s Suho, Ryu Jun Yeol, And More

During a recent interview, Byun Yo Han was asked about his famous friend group called “Byun Yo Han Division,” also known as “BYH48,” consisting of EXO’s Suho, Ryu Jun Yeol, Ji Soo, Lee Dong Hwi, and more.

Byun Yo Han explained, “We’re not a ‘division’! We’re just friends who meet up late at night for no reason. People pay attention to us because they think we’re good-looking, but honestly, we’re not even handsome people.”

He further shared, “We all met while acting in some plays and short films together. Please just view us as a group of friends who look after one another. It’s burdensome [when people call us a division].”

Byun Yo Han was also asked about dating style, to which he responded, “I’m sincere and honest. I like to focus on the relationship instead of getting distracted by other things. If I had to choose between love and friendship, I would choose love.”

He then added, “My ideal type is Kim Hyun Sook. She’s my mom.”

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