Kim Chungha Talks About Her Rise On Music Charts And A Girl Group She Looks Up To

Kim Chungha recently revealed her thoughts on the success of her solo debut.

When it was mentioned to her in an interview that her title track “Why Don’t You Know” climbed charts weeks after its release, she commented, “It almost makes me tear up. I never imagined that the miracle of rising on charts would happen to me. I will take it as a sign that I should work harder and do better, so I will work to do well.”

She continued, “It’s a really hectic time during promotions, but I am spending each day with so much happiness,” and also expressed her love to fans.

Kim Chungha also shared that she has recently enjoyed listening to MAMAMOO’s new music and explained, “I always looked up to them as models when watching their performances and thought that I should work to do better. I love that they give me great motivation.”

She added, “There are so many people that have worked hard with me for the completion of this album, and I think the success of these promotions was made possible thanks to them and my fans that always cheer me on,” and concluded by thanking everyone that has supported her.

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