Lee Hyori Shares Why She Decided To Open Up Her Home For “Hyori’s Homestay”

Lee Hyori and her husband explained why she decided to appear on “Hyori’s Homestay.”

On June 25, JTBC’s “Hyori’s Homestay” aired its first episode. In the show, Lee Hyori and her husband will be opening up their home in Jeju Island to guests.

While admitting that the thing that they find most uncomfortable is people coming to see them at their home, they also explained why they decided to take part in the show.

Hyori’s husband Lee Sang Soon said, “Inviting people over and people just randomly showing up at your house to see you are different. If we were going to do a program like this, I thought it was best to be natural.”

Lee Hyori said, “In the end, it’s eating and sleeping with someone that you don’t know. With this, I hope to learn how to get along with someone who’s not already your friend.”

Meanwhile, “Hyori’s Homestay” is a reality variety program that turns Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon’s house into a guest house. IU also makes an appearance on it as a part-time worker.

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