Lee Jung Jae Shares His Most Fearful Moments As An Actor

Lee Jung Jae shared his innermost thoughts about his job and life.

During a recent interview with GQ Korea magazine, he said, “I don’t think my job as an actor makes me special at all.” He added, “There’s really nothing different about me except that I can’t go out to public places that much. My friend once said, ‘You have a job with the weakest position. What’s good about being an actor besides getting a bit of extra food at restaurants?’ Being an actor is just another job.”

He also said that there is almost no difference between how he is portrayed on screen and his real self. “I am a bit careful in my personal life, because if I lived however I wanted, I could be wrapped up in rumors, and people around me could get involved. But I always live as myself.”

His most fearful moments, he said, are when he has to choose his next project. “Should I do this movie or not? Can I do well in this role? How will the audience view this movie? Those worries and anxieties always follow.”

He added, “The fact that I don’t know when I will retire is also scary. An actor doesn’t get a ‘You’re fired’ notice. You realize it only later – that you were fired last year. If they would only just tell you upfront, you could start looking for another job, take some time alone and prepare for the future, but this job doesn’t allow for that. I’m scared that I’ll find out later that I’ve been fired.”

You can find more of his honest thoughts well as the full pictorial in the latest issue of GQ Korea.

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