MAMAMOO Talks About Their Tough Living Conditions But Fun Life When They Were Trainees

Chart-topping girl group MAMAMOO revealed what their lives were like as trainees during a recent fun broadcast.

On June 25, the four members hosted a “lying down show” on V Live, where they comfortably chatted with fans. One of the topics they talked about was the small rooftop apartment where three of them used to live, which Solar said brought them closer together.

These rooftop apartments (also called “rooftop rooms”) are not like penthouses, but rather are usually very small and inexpensive apartments that take up only part of the roof of a building.

“Our rooftop apartment was five levels above ground. It was hard because it was so high up,” said Solar during their V Live broadcast. “I’d pant as I went up the stairs.”

She went on to say while gesturing, “There were cockroaches that were this big. Back then we didn’t have any money, so we lived in the least expensive place. Our home was really old.” However, she also said, “It was really fun.”

Moonbyul agreed and said, “I knew I wanted to live there, but I didn’t want to live on my own, so I convinced Solar to come too. Wheein was living at her aunt’s place in Seoul at the time, so the three of us [including Hwasa] lived in the rooftop apartment.”

“One of the pros was that even if the door was only slightly open, there would be a breeze, so it was really nice for taking naps,” said Moonbyul. “A con was that it was really hot inside on hot days, because the sunlight would shine right in.”

Moonbyul also shared a glimpse of their life together in the apartment when she said, “We were telling ghost stories once, and Hwasa suddenly stood up and pointed at the wall. I’d never been more scared in my life.”

Wheein added, “I didn’t live there, but when I’d go there sometimes the hygiene situation wasn’t great,” which made Solar and Moonbyul a bit flustered.

The members then reminisced about their time together as trainees, and Solar said she sometimes misses it. Wheein shared, “When we pass by the neighborhood on our way somewhere, if I see the bus I used to take when I was a trainee, a lot of thoughts come to mind.” Hwasa added, “I want to go to the restaurants we’d always to go and eat the food there again. I really miss it.”

In the live broadcast, the group also talked about their huge recent success with their new comeback track “Yes I Am.” The song became the girl group track to score the highest number of listeners in 24 hours on Melon after its release on June 22, and remains at No. 1 on the chart.

Solar said, “I really didn’t know that we would get No. 1 when we were working on this album,” and expressed how grateful she is for their fans. “We really didn’t expect it,” added Wheein.

“Even getting in the top 100 is something we’re thankful for,” said Moonbyul, while Hwasa promised that they will continue to work hard.

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