IU Reveals Why She Decided To Appear On “Hyori’s Homestay”

Singer IU shared the reason why she decided to appear on “Hyori’s Homestay” as a part-time worker despite her busy schedule.

On the June 25 broadcast of JTBC’s “Hyori’s Homestay,” Lee Hyori and her husband Lee Sang Soon unveiled their life on Jeju Island as they prepared to welcome their first guests. IU also made her appearance in the form of an interview with the staff.

When asked why she wanted to join the show, IU said, “I like Lee Hyori so much. I think everyone would want the chance to talk to her.”

She also revealed that she liked the premise of the show. She said, “Because I was preparing for an album, I’m pretty stressed. I need to heal, so I applied.”

She also revealed that her maternal grandmother lived on Jeju Island when she was young, and she used to visit her quite often. However, that didn’t mean that she knew the island well — she admitted to having a poor sense of direction.

Iu said some of her worries include the fact that she doesn’t have a driver’s license yet and that she tends to be a bit shy. She’s also not too confident about her cooking, she said. However, she showed that she was still enthusiastic for the job, saying, “I can definitely do a lot of work quietly!”

Meanwhile, IU will join Lee Hyori at her house on Jeju Island in the next episode.

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