“Lookout” Features Intense Face-Off Between The Characters Of Kim Young Kwang And His Enemy

In a new episode of “Lookout,” Kim Young Kwang’s character, Jang Do Han, confronts his archenemy Yoon Seung Ro (Choi Moo Sung).

On June 26, the production team of MBC’s “Lookout” revealed stills of Jang Do Han and Yoon Seung Ro staring at each other with hostile expressions. Yoon Seung Ro is holding up Jang Do Han’s face, which adds even more tension to the photos.

In “Lookout,” Jang Do Han wants revenge against corrupted prosecutor Yoon Seung Ro. Contrary to the roles they are playing, Kim Young Kwang and Choi Moo Sung get along well on set. The two actors are known to care for each other, with Choi Moo Sung offering plenty of advice and compliments for Kim Young Kwang as a senior actor.

A source from the “Lookout” shared, “The two actors created yet another memorable scene with their outstanding chemistry. Please look out for their one-on-one meeting, and find out what conversation they had.”

MBC’s “Lookout” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST.

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