Lee Gun Hee Reveals Why He Voted For Lee Dae Hwi While On “Produce 101 Season 2”

Lee Gun Hee, the RBW trainee who was on “Produce 101 Season 2,” recently sat down for an interview with Herald Pop.

For the entire interview, Lee Gun Hee was busy relaying his gratitude. He was shown as a bright, vocally talented trainee on the show and ended up in 33rd place. He said, “What I promised myself when I was on the show so that I would have no regrets was that I would show myself as I am without faking it. I did that, so I had no regrets afterwards.”

Something very important that he took away from the show are the people he met on the show. He said, “I think good people will stay by my side. A lot of the trainees worked hard together, and we took care of each other. The trainers also taught us passionately and really cared for us, regardless of the broadcast.” He said, “I could feel that the producers and writers cared about us, so I was grateful. I met a lot of fans and good people, and I learned a lot. I am so thankful to have so many great people by my side after this.”

Of these great people he met, who was Lee Gun Hee’s top picks besides himself and the rest of the RBW trainees? He said, “I didn’t have one top pick, but when we had to pick two, I picked myself and Lee Dae Hwi.” He said, “It was because at the beginning, Dae Hwi suffered a lot. He found it hard because of the mean comments and the pressure, but he marched along even though he’s so young. I was proud of him for that so I started to cheer him on. Naturally, my vote went to Dae Hwi.”

While he must return to being a trainee, Lee Gun Hee has a newfound hope. He said, “Before, I thought that if I got eliminated, I would find it hard to go back. But now that I really have been, I want to go back to the stage so much that I’m working even harder.” He said, “Since I experienced what it’s like indirectly, I am becoming clearer in my goals and determination so that I can meet the fans again. It was such a positive experience.”

Best of luck to Lee Gun Hee in all of his future endeavors!

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