BLACKPINK Reveals Which Member Has The Messiest Room

On June 26, BLACKPINK guested on SBS Power FM’s “Lee Guk Joo’s Young Street” and talked about various topics including makeup and the member with the messiest room.

Rosé brought up her love for getting her nails done, saying, “My hands aren’t the prettiest, but I feel great after getting my nails cleaned up and choosing a pretty [design].”

Then the topic of BLACKPINK’s ever improving beauty came up, and Jisoo stated, “After we get our makeup done at the salon, I think, ‘Hmm, yes, this is BLACKPINK,'” while Lisa added, “My hair is naturally curly, so I look like a lion when I wake up. Once I straighten my hair, I feel more at ease.”

As for the member who has the messiest room, BLACKPINK chose Lisa, who defended herself by explaining that she was too busy to clean up her room. Rosé revealed, “Lisa has lots of makeup products. She has her eyeshadows out everywhere.”

Can you relate with Lisa?

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