Yoo Ah In Exempt From Mandatory Military Service After 5th Medical Examination

On May 22, actor Yoo Ah In underwent his fifth medical examination for his mandatory military service. The final verdict regarding the actor’s military service has been delayed a number of times due to various past injuries as well as a bone tumor.

The actor underwent his first medical evaluation back in December of 2015 and received a final verdict today on June 27. The actor was deemed unfit for service as an active duty soldier primarily because of his bone tumor, despite the fact that the actor has frequently expressed his desire to serve as an active duty soldier. While the actor had been receiving treatment in order to maintain a tolerable amount of pain in his daily life, results from his re-examination deemed him unsuitable for life as an active duty soldier.

Furthermore, Yoo Ah In first injured his right shoulder muscle while filming the 2013 movie “Tough as Iron” and his condition worsened while filming the 2014 movie “Veteran.”

The director of “Veteran” said, “The final scene was one in which Yoo Ah In had to engage in hand-to-hand combat with Hwang Jung Min. I was very grateful to Yoo Ah In because, although his hands were shaking the whole time [because of his shoulder injury], he showed fighting spirit until the very end and finished filming without a stand-in.”

He continued, “Even if others say disrespectful and rude things about [Yoo Ah In’s] shoulder injury, I, for one, could never do that.”

Yoo Ah In’s collarbone injury

In addition to his shoulder injury and bone tumor, it was reported that Yoo Ah In also severely fractured his left collarbone last year. His collarbone injury did not come to light until recently because Yoo Ah In received painkilling medication and participated in a hand-printing event at a film festival the day after the accident that caused the injury.

His agency, United Artist Agency (UAA), released an official statement on June 27 and said, “Due to pre-existing medical conditions, actor Yoo Ah In has been deemed unfit for military service by the Military Manpower Administration and received a final verdict that exempts him from mandatory military service.”

The statement continued, “As an agency, we will actively do our best to help our actor receive medical treatment and carefully monitor and maintain his health.”

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*A previous version of this article contained a photo that was incorrectly marked as Yoo Ah In’s tumor. 

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