Apink Opens Up About Death Threats And Bomb Threat Made Before Showcase

Apink has been through their fair share of hardships recently, as they have become a target of not only multiple death threats but also of a recent bomb threat made before their comeback showcase.

The man responsible for both the death threats and the bomb threat called Plan A Entertainment to say that he had placed a bomb at Apink’s showcase venue just a few hours before the press showcase. The agency contacted the police and a special unit was sent to the venue to investigate. Upon finding nothing amiss at the venue, the showcase proceeded as scheduled; however, security was tightened tenfold for both the press showcase and fan showcase, which led to delays. Furthermore, 20 policemen were stationed around the venue for the duration of both showcases and Plan A brought in 15 private bodyguards for the Apink members.

During the showcase, MC Ding Dong jokingly said, “This is probably the safest concert venue in the world today,” which relieved some of the tension that was present during the showcase.

Apink’s leader Chorong stated, “We are apologetic that this sort of news reached fans ahead of our comeback. We were very shocked at the time but are feeling more secure now because of the support we’ve received from our fans and from those around us. We also want to thank the police for their quick handling of the situation. We hope to reach out to fans with only good news after this is all sorted out. Thank you for your concern and support.”

The police are currently investigating the threats but have still yet to catch a culprit.

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