Wanna One’s Agency Expresses Concern For Members’ Safety, Asks Fans To Respect Boundaries

June 27, in response to the overwhelming — and at times extreme — response from Wanna One fans, an official notice was posted to Wanna One’s official fan cafe, asking everyone to respect the privacy and boundaries of the group members.

Here is the full statement:

“Hello. This is YMC Entertainment, Wanna One’s agency.

“This is an announcement regarding the safety of our artists and public order in the vicinity of the agency, which has become dangerous as a result of some of the fans who are visiting YMC Entertainment.

“First, we are seriously concerned about the safety of the Wanna One members, as a result of fans forcibly attempting to touch, speak to, and take photos with the members, among other things, despite being told by employees not to do so.

“Moreover, the first floor cafe is not affiliated with the agency in any way. Regardless, due to disturbances caused by some fans, the cafe, as well as surrounding businesses, are being affected, putting us in an extremely difficult situation.

“YMC Entertainment believes that the safety of the Wanna One members and the fans is first and foremost. As such, we earnestly request that fans refrain from visiting the agency, the members’ residence, and their training room, and that fans do not accompany Wanna One on scheduled activities that have not been announced to the public.

“Further, we ask that any recommendations and questions be sent via email. Fan letters and individual gifts (excluding food or plant varieties) can be sent via mail or courier service, and we will give these to the members. More information will be provided in later announcements.”

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