“Three Meals A Day” Confirms Final Cast Members In Addition To Lee Seo Jin For New Season

tvN’s popular show “Three Meals a Day” was confirmed for a fourth season a few weeks ago and, last week, it was confirmed that Lee Seo Jin will be returning for the new season.

At the time, tvN stated that they were in talks with the third season’s cast members, actor Yoon Kyun Sang and SHINHWA’s Eric, for the new season. Today, it was confirmed that the two would be returning with Lee Seo Jin for the fourth season of “Three Meals a Day” as well.

The production for the new season is still in the beginning stages so broadcast dates have not been confirmed as of yet. “Three Meals a Day” is a reality variety program produced by PD Na Young Suk in which the cast find ingredients and cook their own meals in a remote village.

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