Lee Min Ho Partially Wins Lawsuit For Violation Of Publicity Rights

Lee Min Ho has received 100 million won (approximately $87,800) in compensation for violation of his publicity rights.

In 2012, when Lee Min Ho signed on to appear in drama “The Great Doctor,” the drama production company agreed to the requirement of drawing up separate contracts when doing business that makes use of his publicity rights or drama character. However, a cosmetics manufacturer for the production company used an image of him from the drama for the packaging of facial masks, and Lee Min Ho filed a lawsuit against five companies involved including the drama production company and the cosmetics company.

On June 27, his agency revealed, “The lawsuit on compensation for damages of publicity rights was partially won at the trial today.”

The first trial ruling was that he would get 20 million won (approximately $17,600) in compensation, but the appeals court ruled that he should receive an additional 80 million won (approximately $70,300) for property damages. It was maintained from the first ruling that they cannot produce or sell products using his publicity rights.

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