Super Junior’s Leeteuk Updates Fans After Switzerland Robbery Incident

Super Junior’s Leeteuk, who was recently the victim of a robbery in Switzerland, updated his fans to say that he is safe and back in Korea.

On June 27, he wrote a message on his Instagram. The full translation is as follows:

“I returned safely from Switzerland. This was my third time visiting the country and since I was a promotional ambassador for Switzerland, I felt even more familiar and excited, even before the filming began. After we arrived, we finished the filming well with all the staff and even Switzerland’s Chief of Tourism Commissions. However, we were all flustered and surprised at the unforeseen events that occurred before we left for the airport.

“I hope never to be in this situation again, but if I am, I think I will be able to deal with the situation better after this. I will explain this in more detail for tourists. No one was hurt, and everyone ate and slept well, and came back safely. I think on the July broadcast of ‘One Night Food Trip,’ you’ll be able to see the beautiful sights of Switzerland and the food as well. I’m also excited to see it.

“I’m sorry for making you worry, and I heard that it became big news in Switzerland as well. I think it’s most important to always be safe, no matter where you are. Thank you to SHINee’s Minho, who filled in for the broadcast, and sorry and thank you to the ‘Delivery’ staff. I will work even harder.”